Christie Front Drive

Christie Front Drive was a midwest emo outfit formed in Denver, Colorado in October, 1993, part of a Colorado post-hardcore scene. They cite influences such as Superchunk, Sunny Day Real Estate, Buffalo Tom and Drive Like Jehu. The lineup consisted of Ron Marschall (drums), Jason Begin (guitar), Kerry McDonald (bass) and Eric Richter (guitar and vocals).

The band first released their highly sought after, self-titled, 6-song 12" on Freewill Records in 1994, followed by a s/t 7" on freewill and 2 split 7" records with various bands (Sineater, Jimmy Eat World [Richter would sing back-ups on JEW's major label debut, Static Prevails], plus a 7-inch compilation on Germany's X-Mist label called For Want Of, named for the Rites of Spring song). The band later released a split 10"/CD with Kansas City's Boys Life on LA's Cran...



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