The Ruby Suns


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2013, Sub Pop Records

VINYL FORMAT. Christopher is an album about starting over, but not necessarily moving forward. It's a breakup album, but as one listen will tell you, not necessarily a sad one. It's McPhun's fourth record for Memphis Industries, third for Sub Pop and first mixed by an A-list engineer: Chris Coady of Beach House, Grizzly Bear, Gang Gang Dance and a zillion more. McPhun spent two weeks at Coady's studio in New York. Together they polished Christopher to an opalescent sheen, yielding the kind of expensive- sounding, future-leaning ear candy typically the providence of Top 40 radio.


Disc 1
1 Desert of Pop
2 In Real Life
3 Dramatikk
4 Kingfisher Call Me
5 Rush
6 Jump In
7 Boy
8 Starlight
9 Futon Fortress
10 Heart Attack

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