Churchbuilder formed in July 2000 in Akron, OH, when Patrick Carney and Denise Grollmus began a home-recording project. The two quickly recruited friends Erin Carracher, Gabe Fulvimar, and BJ Barbieri to form the rest of Churchbuilder, while performing at and around Oberlin College. Shelflife Records was impressed enough to release the band's debut CD, Patty Darling, in 2001. The CD includes nine tracks with an emphasis on synthesizers and Moog, creating a sort of new new wave. While performing with artists like Mary Timony, Dressy Bessy, Steward, and Trembling Blue Stars, Churchbuilder quickly began to make a name for themselves in indie pop circles. Admittedly influenced by the new wave of their hometown heroes Devo, as well as New Order and OMD, the band displays an inventive knack for simple pop songs.

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