Circus Lupus

Circus Lupus was formed by former Ignition bassist and Fury vocalist Chris Tomson in Spring, 1990, while he was in school in Madison, Wisconsin, United States. The original lineup released a 7" on Cubist Records (a label out of Pittsburgh), but the bass player left the band when they decided to move to Washington DC. He was replaced by Seth Lorinzi (ex-Vile Cherubs) and this line-up would stay together until 1993. Circus Lupus released two albums on Dischord, Super Genius (1992) and Solid Brass (1993) as well as a single produced by Joan Jett, who had become a fan of the band. This was one of Jetts' first production jobs since she went into the studio with The Germs in 1979. When Circus Lupus split up, Arika Casebolt, Seth and Chris Hamley stayed together and played under the name Antimony, while Chris formed a new band with ex-Fidel...



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