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2006, Earlove

ONLY AVAILABLE IN SIZE LARGE. Designed to reduce overall sound level while preserving sound quality (i.e. no distortion or muffling of voices, environmental sounds, or music). Earlove uses the same patented technology as Musicians Earplugs for only a fraction of the cost. Earlove is attractive and easy to use. Earlove reduce sound by approx. 20dB when used properly. YES!!!

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These ear plugs are great. I keep them on my key chain and they are handy whenever i have band practice or go to a show. They have good treble/mid presence and dont' cut it all out like the styrofoam type ones. It's funny there are so many good reviews but with two stars only.
anna insound
These earplugs are the best! Any earplug that can stand up to a metal double-bill assault of Ocean and MONO, but not diminish the sparkle of a pop band like Of Montreal is worth its weight in gold. Luckily, these are only a little over $10, so they're a serious bargain. If you hate earplugs, get these earplugs - instead of distorting the sound balance, it's just like turning down the volume.
Christopher Galizio
I am an audiologist by trade, so I am naturally concerned with hearing loss.
These earplugs are fantastic! (I have Etymotic ER-20s, but these are the exact same thing)
They offer a nearly flat frequency response unlike foam earplugs which attenuate the highs more than the lows (and lead to a muffled sound).
Save your ears and get a set of these. Really good price too!
P. A. Szego
I received my pair the day before Girl Talk & Dan Deacon played a venue known for having really horrible, way-to-loud sound. The earplugs were amazing! I could hear the full range of sounds clearly. The few times I removed an ear plug to see just how loud the sound truly was, I was always astonished at both the level of sound and the lack of clarity due to bad acoustics. At the end of the show, my ears were not ringing, as they had previously. Definitely worth $10!

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