Coals to Newcastle

Orange Juice


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2010, Domino Recording Co.

Coals to Newcastle is a deluxe hardcover perfect-bound package that comes with a forty-eight page booklet which includes an extensive essay on the band's history, rare photos and exhaustive liner notes. This release includes the following albums in their entirety: You Can't Hide Your Love Forever, Rip It Up, Texas Fever, The Orange Juice, Ostrich Churchyard, The Heather's on Fire, and The Glasgow School! Domino are very honored to be releasing a comprehensive seven-disc anthology of one of the finest groups of all-time. In six tumultuous years, Orange Juice, led by Edwyn Collins, blazed a trail of self-reliance with their own legendary Postcard label, ran in conjunction with then manager Alan Horne, and greatly expanded the palette of independent music at the start of the '80s incorporating then unfashionable pre-punk influences such as The Byrds, Chic, Motown and The Velvet Underground. Their brand of literate pop songwriting both pre-saged the coming of The Smiths and kickstarted a renaissance in Scottish pop music that continues to this day. Coals to Newcastle contains six audio compact discs and one DVD that will contain the band's complete discography and other studio recordings as well as a collection of their BBC sessions. The DVD will contain the band's two promotional clips for "Rip It Up" and "What Presence?!" (the latter directed by Derek Jarman), their four performances on The Old Grey Whistle Test and the rare posthumous full-length concert video Dada With the Juice. In total, Coals to Newcastle contains sixteen previously unreleased tracks with another twenty-three tracks previously unavailable on earlier re-issues. The majority of the group's repertoire has gone criminally unreleased in North America, including their three and a half official albums and their seminal but massive hit, "Rip It Up." Coals to Newcastle rectifies this gross oversight and then some.


Disc 1 Disc 2 Disc 3 Disc 4 Disc 5 Disc 6 Disc 7
1 Falling and Laughing
2 Moscow
3 Moscow Olympics
4 Felicity [Live]
5 Blue Boy
6 Lovesick
7 Simply Thrilled Honey
8 Breakfast Time
9 Poor Old Soul, Pt. 1
10 Poor Old Soul, Pt. 2
11 Louise Louise
12 Three Cheers for Our Side
13 To Put It in a Nutshell
14 Satellite City
15 Consolation Prize
16 Holiday Hymn
17 Intuition Told Me, Pt. 1
18 Intuition Told Me, Pt. 2
19 Wan Light
20 Dying Day
21 Texas Fever
22 Tender Object
23 Poor Old Soul [French Version] [Version]
24 Poor Old Soul [Instrumental Version] [Instrumental][Version]
25 Simply Thrilled Honey [Live]
26 Botswana [Live]
27 Time to Develop [Live]
28 Blue Boy [Live]

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