Cobre cuanto antes

Sr. Chinarro

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2002, Acuarela

The sixth studio album of the band from Seville means the desertion of the "post" style that started with "La primera ópera envasada al vacío" and the Eps "La casa encima" and "La tapia de Perejil". Now Sr. Chinarro return to the unheard outline since "El Porqué de mis peinados" or "Noséqué-nosécuántos": gloomy and ill-bred pop with a storytelling bent, and on the classic structure of drums, guitar, bass, and keyboards and voice (altough the one that plays all, except for the drums, is the singer himself). "Cobre cuanto antes" has a really warm production, on the style of old records of The Red House Painters (like "Ocean Beach") or American Music Club, and its ten songs could be labeled as "chinarros classics" that have nothing to do with the experimental eagerness of his last deliveries. There are no traces of Arab Strap or post-rock to be found by journalists on the grooves of a cd that's thick on it's lyrics, and rich in instrumentals - eventhough it drinks from the "poor musics" of mediterranean and andalusian aspect- , and above all, full of twisted surreal poetry, the one that Antonio Luque performs exquisitely. The songtitles are: "Han quedado níquel", "La callé mojada", "Respuestas para misses", "No vale reírse de los solos", "Con las vainas olvidadas", "Sección de telescopios", "Epilady", "Capillitas cruz del campo", "Plug In" and "NH3 light", probably the catchiest one with a friendly chorus.


Disc 1
1 Han quedado niquel
2 La calle mojada
3 Respuestas para misses
4 No vale reirse de los solos
5 Con las vainas olvidadas
6 Seccion de telescopios
7 Epilady
8 Capillitas Cruz del Campo
9 NH3 Light
10 Plug In

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