Collections of Colonies of Bees

Since 1998, Chris Rosenau and Jon Mueller have worked together as Collections of Colonies of Bees. As a sidestep to their work in the group Pele (Polyvinyl Records), this arrangement saw them using traditional folk/bluegrass instrumentation combined with modern process and technology, creating a melting pot of style so refreshing, classification became meaningless.

To date, there have been three full-length releases. Their self-titled debut, on the U.K. label The Rosewood Union, gained a surprising amount of media attention, and has since been a highly sought item among collectors. Likewise, their sophomore release, Rance released on the U.S. label Crouton, sold out two complete editions. fa.ce (a and the Meyou EP also released on Crouton, continue to receive press and listener attention. Their limited edition EP STUCK on Sweden's Pill...


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