David Grubbs


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2002, Blue Chopsticks

RESTOCK. Responding to the invitation of Quentin Rollet and Noel Akchote to make an LP for their Rectangle label, Grubbs penned 'The Coxcomb,' an adaptation in song of Stephen Crane's short story 'The Blue Hotel.' This seventeen-minute moritat is scored for three voices: The Narrator (Stephen Prina, white-hot on the heels of Push Comes to Love); The Swede (Grubbs, wild-eyed and singing through gritted teeth); and The Cowboy (played to perfection by deep-voiced Sasha Andres, singer of the group Heliogabale). Grubbs's engrossing guitar-yarn is gorgeously fleshed out by the saloon band of Didler Petit (cello, voice), Yves Robert (trombone), Thierry Madiot (bass trombone), and Quentin Rollet (alto sax). The original LP and picture-disc LP version of The Coxcomb featured as its B-side 'Aux Noctambules.' In its place is 'Avocado Orange,' recorded during The Spectrum Between sessions.


Disc 1
1 Coxcomb
2 Avocado Orange

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