Cruise Control 2.0

Music Hall

Speed Controller

We're sorry, but this product is no longer available.

2011, Music Hall

The Music Hall Cruise Control permits the electronic speed control of Music Hall and Pro-ject turntables between 33.3 and 45 rpm at the simple touch of a button. Removing the platter and moving the belt from one pulley to the next is no longer required. The quartz-locked speed control provides unmatched speed stability to within +/-0.0001% deviation. Used with the appropriate pulley and cartridge, it also permits the replay of 78 rpm records. The replay speed can be increased and decreased in twenty steps of 0.1 rpm. The quartz lock provides perfect speed control for all music hall turntables, many project models, and any turntable with 120v AC synchronous motor.

Technical Specifications:
Nominal speeds 33 and 45 rpm (optional 78 rpm w/pulley)
Quartz oscillator speed stability 0.0001%
Pitch control 20 step/0.1 rpm
Turntable connection: 16V/AC (3W power consumption max.)/120V/AC (3W power consumption max.)
Outboard power supply 16V/1.000mA AC
Dimensions: W4.2 x D6 x H2.1 in / Weight: 2 lbs

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