There are at least two artists under the Cub alias:

1. Cub was an indie pop band which formed in 1992 in Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada. The band originally consisted of Lisa Marr (vocals, bass), Robynn Iwata (guitar) and Valeria Fellini (drums). Fellini was replaced by Lisa G. (drums, vocals) in 1994. Neko Case played drums on the band's first recordings, but left soon afterwards.

The band released four albums, "Betti-Cola" (1993), "Come Out, Come Out" (1994), "Box of Hair" (1996) and "Box of Hair" (1997). Notably, "Betti-Cola"'s album cover was designed by Dan DeCarlo, longtime artist for Archie Comics.

The band's song "New York City" was covered by They Might Be Giants on TMBG's 1996 album "Factory Showroom". After the band split in 1997, Iwata formed I...



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