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2011, White Iris

VINYL FORMAT. It's easy to get frustrated with 'labels' so excuse me as I throw some around trying to describe my new favorite band. What about just calling it fucking Rock 'n' Roll? Punk? Drunk? I mean, it's not about drinking - though drinking really helps. Sometimes you need to be lubricated to get the fuel that drives the bratty, playfully druggy, unseeingly tight-but-sloppy punk anthems that define FIDLAR. It's easier to perpetuate adolescence in a rehearsal space with cases of beer and your best friends than at some day job. The cliches of guitars, sweat and beers - that bring to mind dudes who've watched Airheads a few too many times - have modern parallels in bands, garages, D.I.Y. labels, basements and studios too numerous to mention or give a shit about. However, FIDLAR is a breath of fresh air amid this age of censored hiss and pop,. It's like your favorite band when you were 15 but only louder, more drunk and ready to ollie your head just to bail the board on your teeth because, as the acronym states - Fuck It Dog, Life's A Risk.

Hailing from L.A., FIDLAR - made up of Zac, Elvis, Brandon and Max - started playing together in 2009 and after a year of leaking their demos with 'found footage' music videos that glorified teenage breasts, shaking asses, smoking meth, shooting guns and the entire opening credits of Top Secret - FIDLAR have finally released their first 7" EP, fittingly titled, DIYDUI.


Disc 1
1 Wake Bake Skate
2 Oh
3 Wait for the Man
4 Max Can't Surf

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