There are at least nine artists with this name:
1. A garage club / pop project from Massachusetts, United States
2. A musical collective from Eastern Europe
3. An art rock musician from Australia
4. A dubstep producer
5. A rock singer/songwriter from Scotland
6. An alias of Wolfgang Voigt
7. An alias of Domingo Alemán
8. An experimental group from Poland
9. A doom metal musician from Spain

1) A garage club / pop band from Worcester, Massachusetts which formed in 2010. The band has released two EPs, "Sun Bronzed Greek Gods" (2010) and "Family of Love" (2011). The band toured with Ratatat in 2010 and collaborated with rapper Gucci Mane. Official site:

2) A quartet formed by a multinational musical collective (with members from Germany, Poland & Hungary). Their unique album called ...



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