This musical romantic weaves together a true "love-sound" that falls between honeyed melody and all out rave. He takes the acoustics further with the husband & wife pairing, The Long Lost.

Once working from a studio in Santa Monica, California. A young Daedelus began noodling Bass Clarinet notes, and soon after attempting Double-Bass. After an ill-fated affair pondering classical and jazz, rave paved the way, and a burgeoning record collection fueled Daedelus’ artistic creativity, preparing the path to his first full length release, Invention. Inspired by '30s, '40s and '70s grooves, and defying genres such as downtempo and hip-hop, Daedelus gradually begins to venture into the L.A. afterdark.

The music on Invention combines multiple instruments, including non-traditional ones such as computer printers, toy pianos, a...


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