Dani Siciliano

Dani Siciliano is a London, UK singer / clarinettist / producer, who - prior notoriety as Matthew Herbert's key collaborator - played with jazz combos, in addition to DJing in San Francisco clubs.

A meeting with Herbert resulted in the two working together and eventually marrying; it's Siciliano's voice that graces the likes of "Going Round," "Leave Me Now," and "Suddenly" -- three of Herbert's most successful and original dancefloor-oriented singles. Other outside collaborations with Brooks and fellow Herbert accomplice Phil Parnell were sprinkled throughout the early 2000s. In 2004, Siciliano released her first solo album on K7, Likes..... Though Herbert was on board, Likes... was definitely her show.

On 19 September 2006, Siciliano released her second album, Slappers.

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