Dark Meat

Dark Meat consists of an all-star ensemble of Athens, GA musicians plucked part or parcel from several different local bands. Performing live, they can have up to thirty people on stage, creating a raucous, wild, and highly energetic live show with costumes and face paint and a brass section lovingly referred to as the Vomit Lasers. There's a strong Neil Young influence (they originally formed as a Neil cover band), and their debut album is dedicated to Albert Ayler (the record takes its title from one of his pieces).

The second half of 2007 has been very kind to Dark Meat. On the heels of a 40-day US tour, the band returned to Athens in September and was voted the 2007 Band of the Year and the 9th Best Live Band in the history of Athens music by the local weekly independent magazine, The Flagpole. The band is currently recording a 7&q...



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