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2011, Domino

VINYL FORMAT. Digital download card included when you buy the vinyl! New Jersey's Real Estate release their new album, entitled Days on Domino. Recorded with Kevin McMahon in Upstate New York through the late winter/spring of 2011, Days is a gorgeous suite of timelessly melodic, achingly melancholy pop songs and a delightfully confident follow-up to 2009's exceptionally well-received eponymous debut. Comprised of nine new recordings and a revisit of last year's enduringly wonderful "Out Of Tune" standalone single, that appeared as a now outof- print 7" on True Panther, Days is the next step in the career of a uniquely close songwriting collective that feel more important with their every release.


Disc 1
1 Easy
2 Green Aisles
3 It's Real
4 Kinder Blumen
5 Out of Tune
6 Municipality
7 Wonder Years
8 Three Blocks
9 Younger Than Yesterday
10 All the Same

Insound Studio Sessions
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Real Estate Studio Session

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William Mrak, Marshall, MI
Viva la paisley underground, well maybe I'm showing my age a bit. I bought this album on the strength of It's Real single and I'm glad I did. This band has a lot of promise for the future. It reminds me a lot of the stuff I was into back in the day but has a fresh style about it. The chimey guitars remind me of the Sundays while the vocal recalls The Ocean Blue and add the excitement like the first time I heard REM Murmer and you have this pop style bliss that sounds great at anytime. I also detect maybe a hint of early sounding Death Cab as well. Don't get me wrong if I name check a few bands. These guys are commanding their own mojo and thing which is why I enjoy it. It may remind me of my youth but I can say they are not a carbon copy of the past. Well done. If you are an audio head the pressing is nice. Thick vinyl for sure, my only thought is that the guide groove tends to be quick meaning as soon as you drop the needle the album starts. Not much lead time at all. Mix sounds nice and full and pronounced. The vocals are a bit in the back so I will have to spin this a couple times for sure to get the just, however I'm sure I can make it out versus the above Stipe reference that has a 20plus years of listening and I still can't figure it out. I hope to hear more from this band in the future. Great album to daydream too.

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