De Oro

Jason Feathers

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2014, Totally Gross National Product / Jason Feathers

Just outside of Flori-bama there is an under-disclosed building frequented by a handful of outlaws and in-laws, a place where questions don't get answered and dreams don't usually come true, where passers-thru can find like-minded chartless characters to intermingle with; this place is known as De Oro. One evening Jason Feathers, a.k.a. Creflo, a red-chested god-bassed Southern rapper in a fancy white suit, found himself in an after-bar-impromptu-musical-round-up. There, he tangled with two flashily-clad cronies, one called Toothpick, a drummer-hype-piano-man all in one, and the other a heavily-seasoned guitar-crooning lost-cowboy that went by Ephasis. The house engineer that night, a white-haired man with ghostly features that the locals all called Opacity, captured all that went down. Then later there was Ryan Olson, who put it all together and played 'bass' amongst sequenced plugs and wires.

De Oro is the record of this event and those that followed.


Disc 1
1 Leave Your Stain
2 Young as Fuck
3 Courtyard Marriot
4 Canary in a Goldmine
5 Hot Forever
6 Sacred Math
7 Cyclone
8 Pay the Guard
9 Gold Standard

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