Deadlights EP


Vinyl 12"

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2012, One Big Silence

VINYL FORMAT. Includes the hit "The Horizon" with a remix by Grimes and Majical Cloudz. Myths is an electronic duo consisting of Lief Hall and Quinne Rodgers that has been described as everything from "feminine pop noir" to "sinister electro performance art". In many senses Myths could be called a multi-media project that incorporates video, costume, dance and photography, with music as the primary focus. They explored this further recently by launching their "electronic opera", The Golden Dawn. Inspired by the cycles of ancient sagas and modern mystery, it featured dancers, child actors, a handmade set and multiple projections.

Their recorded works evoke tapestries of dark, deep listening soundscapes, noise and dance music while investigating themes that explore the mythology of contemporary western society. Their music can be especially distinguished by its unique vocal experimentations that include everything from aggressive banshee-like screaming to angelic harmonies to vocal rhythms and percussion.


Disc 1
1 Deadlights
2 Deadlights (The Floating Version)
3 The Horizon (Grimes & Majical Cloudz Remix)
4 The Horizon (The Golden Dawn Version)

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