Deleted Scenes

1. "Deleted Scenes burst onto the now legendary Olney, Maryland hyphy-pop scene in 1998, after songwriters Dan Scheuerman and Matt Dowling met at a juvenile detention center urinal while visiting incarcerated relatives. Citing Cabaret Voltaire, Sparks, and Misissippi John Hurt among the artists in which they were in no way influenced, the two immediately began sculpting the Deleted Scenes signature sound using mostly shoe horns and limp pillows. Guitarist Chris Scheffey and drummer Brian Hospital soon joined the compulsively apologetic duo to take their nefarious bedroom scuzz into a live setting.

In 2005, Deleted Scenes entered a commodious hellhole in East Baltimore to record the four songs that would make up the "Deleted Scenes" EP. Following the album's release, the band hit the road in Scheffey's father's airbrushed...


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