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2011, Cascine

VINYL FORMAT. Confidently delivering on the buzz surrounding this Brooklyn-based three-piece, Selebrities present Delusions – their debut full-length. On it, the band imbues their signature sound of new wave New York with themes of melancholy, unrest and indecision.

As we follow vocalist Maria Usbeck through a collage of city streets and disenchanting relationships, pristine guitar work by Jer Robert Paulin and grade-A production by Max Peterson, keep the music optimistic. Selebrities are proving themselves to be young masters of juxtaposition.

A cohesive release that winds a deliberate, grabbing narrative, Delusions is also an impressive collection of single-worthy songs.


Disc 1
1 Delusions
2 Living Dead
3 46th & Bliss
4 Can't Make Up My Mind
5 Secret Garden
6 Forgotten
7 Interlude
8 Time
9 Into the Night
10 Sunset

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