Halifax, Nova Scotia native Chris d'Eon, who performs under his last name only, has a passion for music that started at an early age - he began mixing together his own tracks when his parents bought him some synthesizers and a sequencer at age four.

D’Eon’s musical interests expanded when he started college and began studying Iranian, Arabic and Turkish music. This interest took him to northern India, where he lived in a monastery and studied with a Tibetan musician who taught him to play the dranyen, or Tibetan lute.

D’Eon, who has been in Montreal for just over a year, has already released three cassette tapes. He released the two most recent on his own label, Numbers Station Recordings (http://numbers-station-recordings.blogspot.com), which he founded with Zach Fairbrother and Matt Wilson, his co-members in local band Omon...


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