Desperate Pleasures

Tornado Wallace

Vinyl 12"

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2013, RVNG Int.

VINYL FORMAT. Lewie Day – aka Tornado Wallace – ups the meteorological ante and turns in some laser- guided, ethno-hypno, eco-lectro jams for the eighth Beats In Space Records release. The three tracks of Tornado Wallace's Desperate Pleasures EP sound like the work of a comfortable yet adventurous producer who isn't afraid to take a simple yet exotic theme and stride to the other side of the jungle. According to Wallace, this is "music for darker times in warmer climes, for where there is sun there are shadows."

What began as in-the-moment experiments with an assortment of old synths, drum machines, and dusty library records evolved into three super dapper, viscerally contaminated compositions, each one more zoned in / out than the next. Drawing from 70s kraut, 80s post-punk, electro, and 90s house and trance, the ten plus years of producing / DJ experience that Wallace boasts allow for all of these elements to fuse together quite tastefully and strikingly at that. Ultimately, these Tornado jams dodge genre conventions for a curious and compelling outcome.

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