Destiny Street Repaired

Richard Hell and the Voidoids


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2009, Insound

VINYL FORMAT. INSOUND EXCLUSIVE! The limited deluxe vinyl version of Destiny Street Repaired includes the ten repaired tracks from the original Destiny Street album, a folded 18" x 24" color poster featuring a Roberta Bayley photo on one side, and art by Josh Smith that incorporates Richard's liner notes on the other. The cover art for "Destiny Street Repaired" is a modification by renowned Scottish artist, Jim Lambie, of the original album art. The deluxe vinyl version also comes with a CD that includes the ten repaired tracks plus two additional bonus tracks that were recorded as studio demos in 1979: "Smitten" (never before released anywhere) and "Funhunt" (previously released only in a live version on an out-of-print ROIR cassette). In addition, every limited deluxe vinyl copy will be numbered (one to one-thousand) and signed by Richard Hell.

This album is also available in regular CD format. Click here for more details on the CD version.

Since 1977, Richard Hell has made only three studio albums, Blank Generation (1977), Destiny Street (1982), and Dim Stars (1992). Destiny Street contains some of his best and most popular songs - such as "The Kid with the Replaceable Head" and "Time" - but Richard always felt dissatisfied with the sound of the album. He was in the worst depths of his drug dependency at the time it was made, and couldn't muster enough commitment to bother showing up for over a week of the recording sessions. He'd call in and order more guitar tracks. Then in 2004 Hell was able to recover rights to the album. He deliberately let it go out of print, pending a hypothetical improved version to re-release. Two years later he discovered a two-track mix of the original 1982 rhythm tracks of bass, drums, and two rhythm guitars, without any vocals or solos or further guitar. Hell realized this created an opportunity to re-make the record on the foundation of the original band. Destiny Street Repaired is the result. It's a freshly recorded, edited, and mixed version of Destiny Street, using players of the highest caliber to replace the undifferentiated multi-overdubbed, extended guitar solos of the original, and presenting all new vocals, and some new edits and arrangements, by Hell. Relevant too is that the new guitar players - Bill Frisell, Ivan Julian, and Marc Ribot - were all greatly admired by, and share musical values with, Robert Quine, the deceased main soloist in Richard's original band, the Voidoids. In an unprecedented move, Hell has grabbed the best part of a twenty-seven year old recording, and mixed in fresh guitar genius, and brilliant new vocals and production, to fulfill the original music's tremendous potential: Destiny Street Repaired.

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Disc 1
1 Kid with the Replaceable Head
2 I Gotta Move
3 Going Going Gone
4 Lowest Common Dominator
5 Downtown at Dawn
6 Time
7 I Can Only Give You Everything
8 Ignore That Door
9 Staring in Her Eyes
10 Destiny Street

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