Venetian Snares

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2008, Planet Mu

The latest studio album from Venetian Snares is really a roots record, revisiting jungle when it was more about energy and experimentation than a strict formula. The days before they took out all the good bits between the kicks and the snares! With more and more snares between the snares from Snares, Detrimentalist is jungle at its most invigorating! Aaron 'Sparkling Water' Funk, currently out on bail, is not watering it down this time-- these beats shoot thick and sticky! Over 20 people were harmed in the creation of this record!


Disc 1
1 Gentleman PLAY
2 Koonut-Kaliffee PLAY
3 Sajtban PLAY
4 Kyokushin PLAY
5 Eurocore MVP PLAY
6 Poo Yourself Jason PLAY
7 Circle Pit PLAY
8 Flashforward PLAY
9 Bebikukorica Nigiri PLAY
10 Miss Balaton PLAY

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