Digital Mystikz

Digital Mystikz are dubstep producers from South London and, with Loefah, own the label DMZ and promote their own event of the same name. This takes place at the Mass in Brixton once every two months.

Digital Mystikz are Mark Lawrence and D. Harris, also known as Mala and Coki. Although Loefah also releases on the label and performs back to back DJ sets with Mala of Digital Mystikz, he is not part of the group.

After several years of releasing only single 12"s on various labels including DMZ, and Soul Jazz, their first LP titled "Return II Space" was released in June 2010 and featured productions only by Mala. Their second LP, "Urban Ethics", featuring Coki productions was announced shortly after and released in December 2010.

DMZ has been described as one of dubstep's two "most influential regular...



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