J Dilla

Vinyl 12"

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2012, Mahogani Music

VINYL FORMAT. The time has come. A collaboration for the ages which transcends musical categories. The greatest hip hop producer in history meeting with a gatekeeper of the Detroit music and culture. A clash of two titans, J Dilla and K.D.Jr. a.k.a. "MoodyMann", the legendary music producer. These two Detroiters and friends should have collaborated long ago. DillaTroit E.P. is documentation for all historians and music lovers worldwide. "MoodyMann" has reached within his artistic greatness to express his love and appreciation for JDilla and the "Rebirth of Detroit" with his stylings on this very rare and one time vinyl release for Mahogani Music and Ruff Draft Records. Please enjoy this great musical work and forever, hold this in your heart.

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