Disco Inferno

Disco Inferno was a band formed in Essex, UK in the late 1980s by Ian Crause (guitar & vocals), Paul Wilmott (bass), Rob Whatley (drums) and Daniel Gish (keyboards).

After the departure of Gish (who would later join Bark Psychosis) the three-piece Disco Inferno recorded the single 'Entertainment' with producer Charlie McIntosh. Their first album, Open Doors, Closed Windows, was released in 1991 on Che and received positive reviews, although most mentioned the heavy influence of late 1970s post punk bands, particularly Joy Division and Wire (In fact Disco Inferno's manager, Michael Collins, had previously managed Wire during their 70's incarnation). 'Entertainment', 'Open Doors, Closed Windows' and the 'Science' EP would later be collected on the album In Debt.

In 1992 the band released Summer's Last Sound, widely regarded as the...


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