Disintegration (Deluxe Edition)

The Cure

Vinyl 2xLP

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2010, Elektra Catalog Group

VINYL FORMAT. On 180 gram vinyl! 2010 is the twenty-first anniversary of The Cure's masterpiece! Their classic 1989 album has been re-mastered to sound better than ever, and now features complete lyrics and bonus photos!

'Expanding the latent arena rock sensibilities that peppered Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me by slowing them down and stretching them to the breaking point, the Cure reached the peak of their popularity with the crawling, darkly seductive Disintegration. It's a hypnotic, mesmerizing record, comprised almost entirely of epics like the soaring, icy "Pictures of You." The handful of pop songs, like the concise and utterly charming "Love Song," don't alleviate the doom-laden atmosphere. The Cure's gloomy soundscapes have rarely sounded so alluring, however, and the songs - from the pulsating, ominous "Fascination Street" to the eerie, string-laced "Lullaby" - have rarely been so well-constructed and memorable. It's fitting that Disintegration was their commercial breakthrough, since, in many ways, the album is the culmination of all the musical directions the Cure were pursuing over the course of the '80s.' - All Music Guide


Disc 1 Disc 2
1 Plainsong
2 Pictures of You
3 Closedown
4 Lovesong
5 Last Dance
6 Lullaby
7 Fascination Street
8 Prayers for Rain
9 Same Deep Water as You
10 Disintegration
11 Homesick
12 Untitled

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