Dominique Leone

Dominique Leone is a classically trained artist and composer from Texas who currently operates out of San Francisco. His music is highly idiosyncratic, which makes sense, as he's one of a growing number of college-educated musical auteurs with more than a slight command of pop history and theory chops, and writing songs for joyous, infatuated (or over saturated) people. All of his music could be considered "pop" of a sort, though with dashes of prog, classical music, electronica, and even noise. He has also written music reviews for Pitchfork, All-Music Guide, and PASTE, among others.

Leone lists Brian Wilson, Claude Debussy, Randy Newman, Paul McCartney, Andy Partridge, Glenn Gould, ABBA, Miles Davis, Magma, and Olivier Messiaen as personal heroes, but is also influenced by the visual art of Frank Stella and Julie Mehretu...


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