Donnie and Joe Emerson

In 1977, the year punk broke, Donnie & Joe Emerson, two siamese twins who played rockabilly, launched their musical career in America. First finding success on local Dallas radio, their popularity soon spread to neighbouring cities. They toured America twice, in 1977 and 1978, and released three albums (including one covers album) which sold increasingly well. In January 1979, in recognition of their burgeoning reputation, the pair were invited to appear on Letterman to perform their most recent single 'Give Me the Chance'.

The performance began well. It was only when it got to Joe's guitar solo that things started to go awry. Joe's usual fluid playing sounded stunted, cack-handed even. His guitar started feeding back, and soon its wailing began to fill the studio. Donnie looked aghast, as Joe first dropped the guitar and then him...


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