J Dilla


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2006, Stones Throw

With his new album, Donuts, J Dilla completes his transplant from Detroit to sunny L.A. It's 44 minutes of straight heat -- filled with brand new, original instrumentals straight from the mind of one of the very best producers in hip hop at the top of his game. All the hallmarks of the Dilla sound are here. His signature recipe of classic soul and modern electronic makes for pure, raw hip hop music. Without guest rappers, and without commercial compromise, Donuts showcases Dilla's amazing versatility like nothing he's done before. Fans will recognize that a new phase has begun, and this is the only place to hear it first. Dilla extracts beats from all kinds of sources to develop a sound that's fresher than Krispy Kreme. It's that soul heritage from Detroit City, born and raised around funk, jazz, R&B and classical. All kinds of musical styles have inspired his legendary career.


Disc 1
1 Donuts (Outro)
2 Workinonit PLAY
3 Waves PLAY
4 Light My Fire PLAY
5 The New PLAY
6 Stop PLAY
7 People PLAY
8 The Diff'rence PLAY
9 Mash PLAY
10 Time: The Donut of the Heart PLAY
11 Glazed PLAY
12 Airworks PLAY
13 Lightworks PLAY
14 Stepson of the Clapper PLAY
15 The Twister (Huh, What) PLAY
16 One Eleven PLAY
17 Two Can Win PLAY
18 Don't Cry PLAY
19 Anti-American Graffiti PLAY
20 Geek Down PLAY
21 Thunder PLAY
22 Gobstopper PLAY
23 One For Ghost PLAY
24 Dilla Says Go PLAY
25 Walkinonit PLAY
26 The Factory PLAY
27 U-Love PLAY
28 Hi. PLAY
29 Bye. PLAY
30 Last Donut of the Night PLAY
31 Donuts (Intro) PLAY

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