Double Leopards

Part of the Eclipse Records and Troubleman stables, and associated with Sunroof! and GHQ. Based in New York City, they formed in 1998 and played their final show at All Tomorrow's Parties in 2006.

Mike Bernstein & Maya Miller play with Nate from Mouthus as Religious Knives, Marcia Bassett continues to play solo as Zaïmph and with many collaborators, and Chris Gray plays in Endless Boogie.

"Double Leopards are a big name in the new noise underground, but most people probably haven't heard them — though not for lack of trying. Tracking down the NYC-based act's early, hyper-limited CDR, LP and cassette releases would take infinite patience, not to mention a well-funded PayPal account. Live shows are almost as elusive — occasional club dates with Sonic Youth sit alongside a slew of performances in people's living rooms...


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