Double Night Time

Morgan Geist


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2008, Environ

Double Night Time is the new album from Morgan Geist and his first solo artist album in over a decade. After turning the dance music world on its head with his Metro Area project (alongside collaborator Darshan Jesrani) and mining rare disco gems with the seminal obscure disco DJ mix Unclassics (2004), Geist decided it was time to turn his attention to a solo album that would indulge his own early influences and guilty pleasures: techno-pop, prog rock and pure electronic music. While Double Night Time is very much a solo flight, made during a challenging period in which dark personal themes inflected the compositions, Geist collaborated with friend and fellow new wave traveler Jeremy Greenspan (Junior Boys) for the vocal tracks on the album. Geist wanted Double Night Time to be the sound of one person making music in a studio, programming a private world, recapturing the lonely and romantic sentiments associated with his formative music-making experiences. And while the conceit of a producer-as-one-man-band is well-worn in today's digital world, Geist felt he could do it differently, aiming for the compositional richness, subtlety and dynamics of an era when artists took their time, had bigger studio budgets and a more attentive listening public.


Disc 1
1 Detroit
2 The Shore
3 Nocebo
4 Most of All
5 Skyblue Pink
6 Ruthless City
7 Palace Life
8 City of Smoke and Flame
9 Lullaby

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