Doug Benson

Doug Benson is an American comedian who has appeared on Comedy Central Presents, Best Week Ever, and most recently as a contestant on Last Comic Standing.

Benson graduated from a community college in San Diego, California, before moving to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career.

While working as a stand-in and extra in movies and TV, he did his first stand-up gig after he and two other friends dared each other to try it. One of them didn't show up, and the other had signed up too late. Benson claimed that "I went on anyway and did my three minutes of whatever I could come with and people actually laughed." At the age of 22, Benson became a stand-up comedian.

At the age of 27, Benson first began smoking Marijuana, which led to many films later on, when Benson became a huge supporter of Marijuana. Benson was part of the w...


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