Dust and Stars



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2008, self-released

Reporter sure was quick out of the gate, with a solid self-released EP, plus a trek around the country supporting the Thermals. But over the past few months, we haven't heard a peep from the band, so we dropped a line to frontwoman Alberta Poon. "We just finished our record on Sunday, it's 10 songs and we're super excited about how it all turned out," she explains. The band is avoiding hitting the road for the time being, but from what I have heard of this new album, it will be worth the wait. The sleepy-eyed "Dust and Stars," with its surprising slow tempo, just might be the best track this trio has ever penned, either as their previous incarnation Wet Confetti, or Slumber Chamber, their lesser-known Dream Theater tribute band. That last part was a total lie. -portlandmercury.com

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