E Luxo So



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2005, Kranky

Labradford consists of a trio of players. This is their fifth album, and with the aid of a few guest musicians, it finds them expanding their sounds more than ever. The six tracks on "E luxo so" are continually rather subdued, but range from twangy to downright stark. The instrumentation includes electric guitars, dulcimers, keyboards, strings, bass, tape loops and samples. From this emerges a beautiful, melancholy music. Hook up that EQ or you'll miss the practically subsonic bass frequencies that blurb softly from time to time. Your ears will thank you for letting Labradford's majesty wash over them. This is the soundtrack to many things simultaneously - especially love, sadness, and stillness. Fans of Rome, the Rachel's, and Oval take note.


Disc 1
1 [Untitled Track]
2 [Untitled Track]
3 [Untitled Track]
4 [Untitled Track]
5 [Untitled Track]
6 [Untitled Track]

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