Man or Astro-man?

Vinyl LP

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2004, Touch and Go

VINYL FORMAT. Coming up with one of their tightest and most listenable albums to date, Man or Astro-man? apply their hard-driving, sci-fi surf-rock to something of a concept album on EEVIAC (full title: EEVIAC: Operational Index and Reference Guide, Including Other Modern Computational Devices). The exact nature of that concept is difficult to decipher -- something about an alien supercomputer and an obsession with technical jargon -- but what matters more is that the group has continued to expand its sound, using more electronic effects and de-emphasizing kitschy samples in favor of their own, electronically altered vocals. There are even a few numbers that recall the punky, amphetamine-fueled guitar-pop of early British new wave; the jams -- although still providing a few meandering moments -- generally create fleshed-out soundscapes. One of the group's better albums.


Disc 1
1 Interstellar Hardrive
2 D: Contamination
3 U-235/PU-239
4 Domain of the Human Race
5 Theme from Eeviac
6 Reversal of Polarity
7 Fractionalized Reception of a Scrambled Transmission
8 Engines of Difference
9 Psychology of A.I. (Numbers Follow Answers)
10 Krasnoyask
11 Within the Mainframe, Impaired Vision from Inoperable Catarcts Can ...
12 As Estralas Agora Elas Estpo Mortas
13 Myopia
14 Automated Liner Notes Sequence

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