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2008, EM's 4 Kids

The EMs 4 Kids hearing protectors effectively attenuate harmful loud noises without shutting out other ambient sounds. The EMs are easy to wear, with a low profile and no protruding parts that can catch on things. The wide, foam-filled cushions ensure that the set doesn't squeeze uncomfortably, and there is plenty of space for the ears inside the shells. The weight is also important to comfort; each ear muff weighs just 190 grams. Recommended for ages 6 months and up.

Weight: 190 grams
SNR 26dB NRR 21dB
Mean Attenuation @ 500Hz 25.7dB
Mean Attenuation @ 1000Hz 35.2dB
Dimensions 10cm H 12cm W (folded); 17cm H 13cm W (opened)

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