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2004, Kill Rock Stars

VINYL FORMAT. Reissue! Hailed as a "future folk hero" by Alternative Press, Elliott Smith's Either/Or represents a stylistic and songwriting breakthrough, taking it to the "next level," creatively speaking. This singer/songwriter can say more with a whisper than most folks can with a scream. The gently insinuating despair of Smith's work communicates volumes about the heartbreak and alienation that is the bane of 20th century boys with too much time on their hands. On "Either/Or," Smith observes a production ethic that retains a lo-fi looseness without sacrificing any sonic clarity. His songs of loss and loneliness have the broken-poet aura of Smog or Mark Eitzel, but he offsets the gloom with a hatful of damnably catchy melodies and progressions, turning suffering into pop and making it signify.


Disc 1
1 Speed Trials
2 Alameda
3 Ballad of Big Nothing
4 Between the Bars
5 Pictures of Me
6 No Name No. 5
7 Rose Parade
8 Punch and Judy
9 Angeles
10 Cupid's Trick
11 2:45 A.M.
12 Say Yes

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Alec Martin
If you've never heard of Elliott Smith then this is the album you should start with. Track after track he continues to play beautifully depressing, melodic songs. Some are with a band and others just him and his acoustic guitar. His voice puts you to sleep and keeps you up at the same time. Although this is his second album it is not the only great one. If you like this then you should definitely check out From A Basement On A Hill. R.I.P. Elliott

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