Elements Of Light

Pantha Du Prince and The Bell Laboratory

Vinyl LP

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2013, Matador

VINYL FORMAT. The use of bells in itself is not a new feature in Hendrik Weber, aka Pantha Du Prince's oeuvre. On Black Noise, the characteristic sound behavior of these particular instruments were subjected to a method of digital approximation, making the resulting electronic alienation a key feature of the album. The result was the unique combination of a Doppler effect of vibration, a harmony of under, and overtones, and multiple alien frequencies, all produced by the casting effect of the bell itself.

Elements of Light was developed both on paper and computer. The writing approach corresponded with that of Pantha Du Prince's regular pieces – the individual digital samples of the Oslo City hall carillon were written, arranged and finally played as a whole. Additional instrumentation was then added. Elements of Light is a composition into imaginary space, brought to life through transcription and rehearsals with the other musicians taking part in the project.


Disc 1
1 Wave
2 Particle
3 Photon
4 Spectral Split
5 Quantum

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