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2004, Initial

Stephen Pedersen, founding member of CURSIVE (Saddle Creek Records) and THE WHITE OCTAVE (Initial Records), returned to his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska after THE WHITE OCTAVE's untimely demise and began work on his newest musical project, CRITERIA. Stephen spent his time delicately crafting and composing a new batch of incredible rock tunes. He then enlisted his former bandmates and Saddle Creek brethren from CURSIVE, BRIGHT EYES and DESAPARECIDOS to lend their talents to the recordings. Thus, CRITERIA was born! Certain to please fans of CURSIVE, BECK, THE WHITE OCTAVE.


Disc 1
1 Coincidence
2 Mainline Life
3 Play on Words
4 Talk in a Crowded Room
5 Life
6 Me on Your Front Porch
7 It Happens
8 Slider
9 Thorn Sharp
10 Rescue Rescue

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