End of a Hollywood Bedtime Story

The Dears


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2004, Grenadine

End Of A Hollywood Bedtime Story is pop-noir rock group the Dears' debut album. This is the band that has been astounding audiences with its trademark switched-on orchestral-pop-romantique sound, often performing live with the Cosmopolitan City Orchestra, an octet of classically trained musicians. Led by Mr. Lightburn himself, the group continues to move forward alongside their ever evolving music, which grows heavier and heavier as time progresses.


Disc 1
1 C'+tait Pour la Passion
2 Jazz Waltz No. 3 in B-Flat
3 This Is a Broadcast
4 Where the World Begins and Ends
5 Heartless Romanctic
6 End of a Hollywood Bedtime Story
7 There Is No Such Thing as Love
8 Partir, Par Terre

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