Eulogies is an indie rock band which formed in Los Angeles, California, United States in 2007. They consist of Peter Walker (vocals, guitars), Drew Phillips (guitar), Garrett Deloian (bass) and Chris Reynolds (drums).

Storytelling is a universal human instinct. Biographies of the recently deceased are the saddest form of storytelling that most people will ever know. People are remarkably good at it. Even those prone to shyness or believing themselves mealy-mouthed find they can get their lips to move well enough to describe a few snapshots from the life of the dead.

Albums, like the various camera angles of the funeral eulogy, are like scenes of a movie. Albums are the writer's chance to tell a story ten times over, from ten different angles, to ten different melodies. Abundant is the creation and deferment of hope; innumerable ques...


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