Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me Is Gone (Reissue)

The Walkmen

Vinyl LP

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2012, Startime International

Insound online exclusive! This is an extremely limited repress of the band's debut full-length album which has been out of print on vinyl for years! Only 1000 records pressed! Limit one per customer. Once these are gone, they are gone forever.

VINYL FORMAT. In the spring of 2000, Walter, Matt, and Paul (whose band had recently broken up) rounded up enough investors to rent a Harlem industrial space and convert it into a 24-track analogue recording studio. Dubbed "Marcata Recording," the new space became the birthplace and home of the Walkmen. Joining the three were Walter's cousin Hamilton and his friend Peter (both of whom had been slaving away in the East Village as the Recoys); the lineup was complete. Over the course of the next year, the band sedulously wrote and recorded late in the evenings after work. A few of the most helpful influences included: Bruce Springsteen, Randy Newman, the Pogues, the Cure, Bjork, the Smiths, Joy Division, Neil Young, and John Lennon.

See what all their hard work and devotion has led to...one of the best albums of 2002!


Disc 1
1 They're Winning
2 Wake Up
3 Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me Is Gone
4 Revenge Wears No Wristwatch
5 Blizzard of '96
6 French Vacation
7 Stop Talking
8 We've Been Had
9 Roll Down the Line
10 That's the Punch Line
11 It Should Take a While
12 Rue the Day
13 I'm Never Bored

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