Fantasy Memorial

Dinosaur Feathers


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2010, Self-Released

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Dinosaur Feathers may come from Brooklyn, but the roots of their music can be traced to spots across the globe. Their debut album, Fantasy Memorial, opens with the sound of birds recorded by singer Greg Sullo in the deserts of Mali and ends with the sound of children playing in the streets of Philadelphia. In between, the band's sunny avant-pop sails through Motown melodies, Tropicalia grooves, and African rhythms. Taking unexpected turns through a maze of pop music, vocal harmonies dance through waves of guitars, keys and noise layered over intricate rhythms, at once tribal and tropical. Fueled by imagination and a sense of adventure, Dinosaur Feathers openly weave their influences into a tapestry all their own.


Disc 1
1 I Ni Sogoma
2 Vendela Vida
3 Teenage Whore
4 Family Waves
5 Sleeping In
6 History Lessons
7 Crossing The Cannon
8 Holy Moses
9 Know Your Own Strength
10 Fantasy Memorial

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