Feel Me

Evan Voytas

Vinyl 12"

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2012, Dovecote

VINYL FORMAT. Evan Voytas was raised in rural Kutztown, PA by the banks of the Saucony Creek. Kutztown, the birthplace of Keith Haring, has a history of spawning pop-aware artists with abstractly optimistic outputs. By 18, Voytas had moved to New York and become profoundly entrenched in the Jazz world, studying under heavyweight musicians like Pat Martino and Peter Bernstein. The bug of disillusion bit him and he packed for New Mexico, where he then holed up in a casita on a Navajo pueblo alone for months.

After extensive touring with Blu, Gonjasufi, Flying Lotus and others, Voytas made the move back to rural Pennsylvania where he lived in a colonial farmhouse and directed all of his energy to focusedly creating what would become his self-titled project, Evan Voytas. A move to L.A. colored his image and added a sheen and sensuality that places him squarely in the pantheon of Michael Jackson and Prince, and an instrumental bravado reminiscent of Gang Gang Dance. Recommended If You Like: Michael Jackson, Phoenix, D'Angelo, Gang Gang Dance.


Disc 1
1 When We Could All Float Away
2 Weightlessness
3 You Don't Even Know Where It's At
4 Can't Let Anybody Know Who You Are
5 Feel Me

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