Feu Thérèse

Feu Thérèse formed in 2005, in the wake of Fly Pan Am’s indefinite hiatus, and includes FPA guitarist and performance artist Jonathan Parant. Together with prolific experimental musician Alexandre St-Onge (bass, electronics), Stephen De Oliveira (keyboards, electronics, guitar) and Luc Paradis (drums), the band put on a series of explosive live shows through 2005 and recorded their debut record towards the end of that year.

Jonathan Parant is a guitarist and founding member of Fly Pan Am, with four records on Constellation. He has released a solo record on Squintfucker Press and orchestrates various sound and performance art happenings around town. He helps run the Sala Rossa concert venue in Montreal.

Alexandre St-Onge is a bass player, electronic musician and performance artist. He has been involved in innumerable bands and pr...



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