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2010, Mute Records

VINYL FORMAT. The story that leads to Junip's 2010 release is one of patience and perfectionism, frustration and persistence, sheer bloody-mindedness, inspiration and success. The place to which it takes you, however, is one of pastoral contemplation, autumnal grace and inscrutable, haunting serenity. A cosmopolitan three piece from Gothenburg, Sweden - featuring Tobias Winterkorn (keyboards), Elias Araya (drums) and José González (vocals and guitar), the latter of whom you'll be familiar with from his solo work - Junip have existed since 1999, maybe even 1998. It's so long, frankly, that none of them are quite sure. Fields, however, is the album that they've been itching to make ever since. González and Araya have been playing together since they were fourteen. Their love of hardcore led them to form Renascence, (later called Sweet Little Sinister), and they first encountered Winterkorn at shows in Gothenburg in the mid '90s . . . [Fields is] a hazy, organic, melodic and hypnotic musical environment that leans on an unconventional blend of influences, from John Martyn's folk-jazz to Richie Havens' psychedelic soul via the more motorik elements of so-called 'krautrock' . . . González is able to reel off a whole list of albums that have made an impact on his life during the time Junip was waiting to happen but that eventually informed the music on this album: from Shuggie Otis' Inspiration Information, C.K.Mann's Funky Hi-Life, David Axelrod's House of Mirrors and Nina Simone's See-Line Woman all the way to Linda Perhacs' Sandy Toes. Produced by the band and mixed by Don Alsterberg, who also helped with recording, Fields proves that every second of its protracted gestation has been worth the wait. From the galloping simplicity of "Off Point" to the gentle summer breeze of "Always," from the light-as-a-feather deftness of "It's Alright" to the blissful melancholy of "Tide," it's a heady and seductive brew, defined by the warmth of Winterkorn's keyboards, Araya's subtly insistent rhythms and González's distinctive, softly-sung tones and enigmatic lyricism. Its modesty belies its attention to detail as well as its defiantly not-of-this-time and not-of-this-world atmosphere.


Disc 1
1 In Every Direction
2 Always
3 Rope & Summit
4 Without You
5 It's Alright
6 Howl
7 Sweet & Bitter
8 Don't Let It Pass
9 Off Point
10 To the Grain
11 Tide

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