Flight and a Crash

Hot Water Music

Vinyl LP

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2004, No Idea

VINYL VERSION. Formed in the swamps of Gainesville, Florida in 1994, Hot Water Music quickly made an inexorable impact on the post-punk world. With six full-length releases, countless US tours they have earned a reputation as one of the hardest working bands in punk rock. With A Flight And A Crash they have finally accomplished what they set out to do all along, rock your ass, your heart and your brain.

It was a year and a half of writing and touring, four weeks of dismal suburban winter of Maryland that have lead up to the release of A Flight And A Crash. Built on the hard-lived vocal and guitar work of Chuck Ragan and Chris Wollard the songs on their latest release are a combination of technical ability and reckless abandon. Tracks like 'Sons And Daughters' and 'In The Gray' are delivered with such sincerity and emotion that land on listener's ears like rock n' roll manna. A purposeful undercurrent of rhythm created by drummer George Rebelo and bassist Jason Black fuses Hot Water Music's expansive influences of punk, rock, jazz and country with the bands newfound songwriting prowess.


Disc 1
1 Flight and a Crash
2 Jack of All Trades
3 Paper Thin
4 Instrumental
5 Swinger
6 Clear Line
7 Choked and Separated
8 Old Rules
9 Sons and Daughters
10 Sunday Suit
11 She Takes It So Well
12 One More Time
13 In the Gray
14 Call It Trashing

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